Definition Edit

Conditioner is a product used in hair care. It is usually described as a smooth, thick liquid. It is usually used after washing your hair with shampoo. For proper use, put in hair while wet, and the rinse with water.

Uses Edit

It is usually just to remove tangles, but there are so many different types with different uses. Below is a small list of some conditioners and their purposes;

  • Pack-- Adds volume.
  • Leave-in-- Adds little material to the hair.
  • Ordinary-- A combination of pack and leave-in.
  • Hold-- Keep the hair in a certain shape.

History Edit

For hundreds of years, natural oils have been applied to hair. One of the first well-developed conditioners was used to soften men's hair, like beards and mustaches. It was made in Paris by Édouard Pinaud in the 20th century. Conditioner continues to develop as we move forward.