Definition Edit

A meme is a transmitted cultural symbol/ social idea, usually portrayed as a picture with captions on it. Some memes are videos, GIFS, beliefs, actions, a person, an animal, a fictional person, events, songs, symbols, pictures, and other things. Memes can be created by almost anybody, and they are usually relatable to at least a small portion of the population.

Uses Edit

Memes are used for more than what you may think. Most are intended to be funny, while others are a way to publicly humiliate people's actions. They act like an infectious disease, spreading through the population through texts, social media, and other ways. You can find memes almost anywhere, like Facebook and Twitter.

Other Information Edit

The word 'meme' comes from the Greek word 'mimema' meaning 'something imitated'. The word was first spoken by Richard Dawkins, an evolutionary biologist, in 1976.